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The Pink Portal represents body positivity and self-love through our lingerie and clothing brand by celebrating women of different shapes and sizes. We believe that self-love is not an option, it’s a requirement.

Our Brand

We carry sizes XS to 5X and are committed to ensuring that each customer receives the right cut and fit with every purchase. We are primarily a lingerie brand, but we also sell dresses and catsuits that can function as both intimate apparel and ready-to-wear items for different occasions.

Self-love is the best love

Love every stretch mark.

Love every roll.

Love the cellulite, the discoloration, the skin that is not so smooth, the skin that is dark, the skin that is light, the waist that is not too small, the stomach that is not too flat, the stomach that is fat. Whatever it is that makes your body yours, make sure you love it. Love it deeply.