At The Pink Portal we represent body positivity and self-love through our brand by celebrating women of different shapes and sizes. We believe that all bodies are good bodies and that self-love is not an option, it is a requirement. 

You will not see just one type of woman represented at The Pink Portal because we represent all women. Make no mistake, we support Black women to the fullest as a Black-owned company. Yet still, we support all women and want all women to embrace their bodies and love themselves.

We are for the married woman, the single woman, the trans woman, the woman who does not fit into one box, the woman who is just starting to love herself, the woman who is just finding her power, the broken woman, the Black woman, the Hispanic woman, the white woman, the biracial woman, the Indigenous woman, the Asian woman, the woman who encompasses more than one category, the woman who does not want to be categorized, the list continues, but we are for all of these women.