Sewing Workshop

$60.00 Regular price

Learn to sew with The Pink Portal!

This is the third class in our ongoing series of sewing workshops. Learn the basics of sewing including how to thread your sewing machine, types of stitches, and much more in this beginner level class. However, if you are more experienced please feel free to join as well because we accommodate all skill levels and modify our curriculum based on participant knowledge.

This is a “come as you are” class, meaning you do not need anything to participate once you pay the enrollment fee of $60. We will provide all materials necessary to participate in the class. Just be prepared to learn. Nonetheless, please feel free to bring your own machine if you have one.

You can purchase tickets; however, you can also pay via cashapp ($ThePinkPortal) or Venmo (@Remi-Nurse) as well.

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