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Painted Door

Painted Door

I’ve been talking to God a lot lately. I can feel a sense of change coming. Even though I trust in him, I’m eager to understand and know the process of healing and moving forward. I got the urge to paint my bedroom door suddenly at 11pm today. There were several chips from the door being slammed, there was a big, brown, chipped spot where a punch had been thrown. I began to take white paint and slowly cover those spots and those chipped marks. With each brush stroke, they started to fade away. Suddenly, this is more than painting my bedroom door. I’m hearing from God now. This simple task of painting my door is becoming spiritual. I’m covering the hurt, removing the damage and the door is becoming whole again, it is not me looking at the same old chipped paint, the same punched hole that had been there for years. I am becoming new; I am connected to this experience. Looking closely you can see some rough spots, some damage, you can see the imperfections. However, I will not wake up every day to the same damaged door, with the chipped paint, and punched hole. This door is no longer going to be a reminder of the past. Someone-me- is taking the time to cover it up, become whole again. As I received this, I began to paint more cautiously, making sure that each chip was completely covered, that there were no signs that the door had previously been in the worn out condition that it was. Then I hear, "You have to let the paint dry and do it again.” God thank you! I received this as God saying you have to do the work and allow the time, but in time, the roughness will fade, the paint will dry, you will heal and you will become whole again.


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